Meira Kumar Congratulates Kovind, Extends Good Wishes

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New Delhi: Opposition presidential nominee Meira Kumar on Thursday extended her good wishes to Ram Nath Kovind on his election as the 14th President of India and said that her fight for ideology doesn’t end here.

“I want to congratulate Ram Nath Kovind on his election as the President of India. I extend my good wishes to him as it has fallen upon him to uphold the Constitution of India in letter and spirit in this most challenging time,” Kumar told media.

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She further thanked Congress president Sonia Gandhi and all the leaders of opposition political parties who unanimously made her their presidential candidate. Kumar also expressed her gratitude towards the people of the country for extending their good wishes and support to her.

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“I want to make it very clear that today my battle for ideology doesn’t end and it will continue because the ideology, values and principles that I am fighting for are held sacred by most of the people of my country. These are social justice, inclusiveness, secularism, transparency, freedom of expression, freedom of press, total destruction of caste system. I will continue to fight for these values with all the strength at my command,” she added.

Kovind obtained 65.65 percent of votes from the electoral college, while his opponent, Kumar secured 34.35 percent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated Kovind for winning the Presidential elections and becoming the 14th President of India. The Prime Minister also praised Kovind’s opponent in election and Opposition’s candidate Meira Kumar for her campaign. He said her campaign was in spirit of the democratic ethos and values.