Mega Carnival At Red Road Featuring Durga Idols

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Update: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee thanked all the cultural teams, clubs and puja committees for participating in the biggest ever Durga Puja Carnival at the end, held at the Red road on Friday.

Mamata Banerjee mentioned that this Durga Puja Carnival is the first step towards the goal of Biswa Bangla. She promised to grow bigger and bigger in future. She said, “My greetings to the people. I salute the artisans. Today is a historic day. Bangla hobe Biswa Sera.”

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Mamata Banerjee said, “We will set up a permanent exhibition centre at Newtown to showcase the art work of Durga Puja pandals. Out of the 39 tableaus here today, Kolkata Police will honour the best five. Next year we will showcase 75 tableaus.

She wished a “Shubho Bijoya to all. We are all a family.”

A special procession began on Friday at Red Road from 5 PM onwards of about 38 clubs who have won Biswa Bangla and various awards to display Durga Pratimas before immersion.

Initiated by Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, this unique show will give an opportunity to see all the Best Pratimas at one place and a feel of carnival.

From the graceful, minimalist moves of Manipuri dance to the energetic, exaggerated leaps of Chhau; from the rhythmic beats of dhak to the soul stirring sound of madaldhamsa; from frames that capture Kolkata’s built heritage of a bygone era to the timeless still from iconic Ray classic `Pather Panchali’; the inaugural edition of the immersion festival on Red Road promises to be a riot for the senses.

Though put together on short notice, Puja organizers are pulling out all the stops to make the Mamata Banerjee-inspired event a show-stopper. Suruchi Sangha, which won top honours in the Biswa Banga Sharad Samman intro duced by the government this year, is keeping its plans close to its chest

Bosepukur Talbagan, which had Manipuri dance and Vaishnav Padabali as its theme, will present the classical dance form, kirtan and Harir Loot at the event.

Hindustan Park Sarbajanin that was themed `nostalgia’ will showcase panels from the pandal in a float. In another float, the organizers will present a panel depicting one of the most memorable scenes from Indian cinema: Apu and Durga running towards a distant train through an overgrowth of kashphool. A third float will showcase Bengal and will be accompanied by the song Amar Sonar Bangla’. The floats will be accompanied by dhakis..

Dum Dum Park Tarun Dal will represent the Ma theme through Chhau dance, while children will dress up as the various zodiac signs to depict the theme of Badamtala Ashar Sangha.

As is its tradition, members of Ballygunge Cultural will accompany the idol in dhuti-punjabi and red bordered white sari and perform a chorus during the 90-second stop before the VIP podium.

Abasar, the Puja in Bhowanipore that drew crowds with its fairytale-themed pandal, will have men walking on stilts and santhal women dressed as fairies dancing to the tune of dhamsa-madal.

66 Palli, which had showcased vintage Kolkata in sepia will put up the panels on a tableau.