Meet the youngest organ donor of Kerala

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Thiruvananthapuram:  A five-year-old boy almost saw a new lease of life on Monday after getting the liver and kidneys of a brain dead three-year-old girl. Incidentally, she became Kerala's youngest organ donor. "The harvesting surgery started on Saturday night and when we finished the transplant, it took us 16 hours. The boy is currently on ventilator and is expected to come out of it tomorrow (Tuesday). He is doing well," V. Venugopal, who led a team of doctors, told IANS. 

The transplant was done at a private hospital while the harvesting surgery was conducted at state-run SAT Hospital.He also said Anjana, the donor, has become the youngest organ donor in Kerala. Anjana suddenly collapsed in Thiruvananthapuram while playing on Thursday and on Saturday she was declared brain dead.When doctors approached her parents with a request if they were willing to donate her organ, they agreed her kidneys, liver and eyes were harvested.

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"The recipient is having genetic disorders and his liver and kidney are both seriously affected. Hence, underwent the transplant," said Venugopal.