Meet The Man Who Created Bike To Fulfill His Dreams


Bankura: Name Suvendu Kuchlan. Meet the man who has the guts to follow his dreams.The resident of Kanjakura village of Bankura. He does not hold an engineering degree, by profession he is a cycle mechanic. This young man dreams of a bike. But due poverty, he did not afford it.

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But as we all know, dreams don’t work unless you do. The cycle mechanic started work to fulfill his dreams. And at last he got the success. Obviously, he did not buy a bike from the showroom or never tried to buy a branded bike.

This young man fulfilled his dream by his own innovative power. He invented a bike. Everyday, many people are gathered at the Kenjakura Bazar in front of his cycle repairing shop to see the bike.

The mane of the bike is Stalin Home Made Bike. He said that the cost to build this bike was only 15 thousand. The bike runs on kerosene, petrol and diesel. He added that when kerosene runs, the bike can go 70 kilometers on one liter. But more mileage can be found in petrol or diesel. The speed of the bike is 80 kilometers per hour.

The bike were made of iron pipes and iron plates. Bike has digital meter which comes from racing cycles. Chains, handles and soccer are taken from the bikes. Wheel and dishwasher taken from the bicycle.

The engine is taken from the water pump. Piston ring taken from generator. Carbodide is taken from the Honda CD 100 SS. Bike has no Clutch Plate. Approximate weight of the bike is about 60 kg.

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“I have a dream to buy a bike since many days. After three years of limitless efforts, I made a bike. As a result, many people will travel through this bike just spend 25 thousands on this. If there is any mechanical error, then it will be possible to repair in the normal bike shops, Bike maker Shuvendu Kuchlan further added.

Local resident Vidyavati Karmakar said, “Shuvendu was working in his father’s cycle repair shop because he could not get a job. He could not buy because the bike was too expensive. So he made the bike. If there is some help from the government on this issue, then it will be beneficial for him to do this more. ”

The unemployed boys of poor families who can not buy a bike due to the high prices now can buy their own bikes.