Meet The Man Who Can’t Stop Growing!


Beijing: One of China’s tallest men is due to undergo life-changing surgery that will hopefully mean he will finally be able to walk on his own two legs.

Xu Fuhai, 26, has been walking with the help of crutches since his teens following an injury according to Huanqiu, an affiliate of People’s Daily Online.giant-1

However, after almost a decade of suffering, the 7ft 11in giant from a rural village in the eastern province of Shandong has finally been offered a new lease of life.

According to, Xu, from Dong Guan Tun village, was 7ft 8in last y ear but he grew three inches in the space of a year to 7ft 11in.

This means that he is now taller than the current official tallest man in China, Bao Xishun, who is 7ft 8in.

He has an enormous appetite and eats up to 16 buns each meal. And because he is so tall, he needs his own custom-made furniture.

However, despite his stature, Xu hasn’t walked tall since his teens.

The giant accidentally fell while playing basketball when he was 15, causing undiagnosed injuries to his legs that led to poor circulation.giant-2

Within six months, Xu started seeing swelling in his legs and sores started to develop, leading him to fall back on crutches. His injury has also meant that Xu is entirely dependent on his parents, who also have to care for his three younger siblings.

Xu has become an enormous financial, physical and emotional burden on his parents, who are both of average height.

But now an unnamed hospital has offered Xu pro-bono surgery to relieve his condition meaning that, for the first time in over a decade, he could finally stand on his own two feet.

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