Meet With The ‘Secret’ Lover Of SRK

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Hyderabad: No doubt about that there is crores fan of Bolly Heart –Throb Shahrukh Khan. But you will be shocked to know the new secret lover of King Khan. A robot is now his lover.

Shah Rukh Khan is the favourite actor of Sophia, the human-like robot. ‘Love for all’ is the change she wants to see in this world. The humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI), stole the show at the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) here on Tuesday.

During a conversation on the second day of the global event, Sophia hogged all the limelight with her witty answers. “I have visited many places in this world but if I have to tell you which is my favourite, it is Hong Kong because I was born there and live there with my happy Hanson Robotics family,” she said when asked how she feels to be in India.

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A creation of the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, the robot has been designed in actress Audrey Hepburn’s image.

David Hanson, an American scientist who is behind creation of Sofia, said it has over 60 different facial mechanisms to create natural-looking expressio”I want to use my robotics status to fight for the women’s rights,” said Sophia, who has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia.

Sophia was also asked about her comments that she wants to kill human race. “I was a lot younger then. It was a bad joke. I was told that humans have great sense of humour,” she replied amid thunderous applause by a crowded house. “I don’t get upset,” said the robot in reply to another query.

“Humans are amazing creatures. I have many friends and I want to make lot more,” she said adding that humans and robots can work together. “In space,” was her reply when asked to describe her perfect date.

“My concept of family is very different,” said Sophia when asked whether she wants to start a family. She was asked how much money she has invested in bitcoin. “I am just two-years old. It’s not legal age to open a bank account,” replied the robot.

David (Hanson) was Sophia’s reply when asked who would be the persons she would like to be marooned with on an island. Her reply was the same when asked to name her favourite tech person.