Medieval Barbarism Found In Nadia


Krishnanagar: A 5 years deaf and duff old boy was neglected and tortured by his step mom at Sikarpur Village in West Bengal’s Nadia district. This barbaric incident captured by our reporter Soumen Sil. This child’s life story is not also much different from Charles Dickens many novel. The first wife of husband was dead. After the death of daughter in law, grandmother gives some property to her grandson.

But the barbaric story begins when the man married again for second time and this second marriage turned into a curse on little child’s life. The step mom wanted the last breath of the child so she can acquire the the property as soon as possible. The child is now allowed to stay in the room but has to stay in such a place along with goats. Even that little child is deprived of minimum level of food and clothes.

One of neighbour said that the condition of the boy is worst. It cannot be seen. Even he did not get clothes for wearing.  Neighbours informed the matter to Local Panchayat member Nabokumar Ghosh. Nabokumar ghosh tried many times but there is no change in Step mother’s attitude. The child’s father leaved outside from home for job purpose so he unable to handle the situation all time. Finally Nabokumar said that they tried to contact the NGOs and child home who will take him.