AMRI Was Vandalized Due To Medical Negligence, Arrest


Kolkata: AMRI Hospital near Dhakuria was vandalized and staffs were assaulted by relatives of a patient who died in the hospital due to negligence. The relatives of the patient alleged medical negligence. As soon as the family got to know about her death, locals stormed the hospital.

A huge contingent of police was deployed at the hospital. In the case, Police have arrested five persons. Gulnar Khan, (27) was admitted to the hospital, the next day he was transferred to the ICU. And according to the relatives, he died due to medical negligence. As it was told that if there is no money to pay, it is threatened to stop the treatment by the hospital.

When the news came to the locals that he died, angry relatives started vandalizing against the allegations of treatment. Lake police station came to the spot after the news. In the incident, the complaint was filed against the family of the Lake police.

The hospital authorities have denied the allegations and said that the patient had died in a very complex physical condition. Alongside, the hospital authorities filed a complaint of counter-vandalism. Police have arrested five people in connection with the vandalism. Earlier, on the day of Dashami, the family members of the patient persecuted one of the hospitals.