Medical College Blaze: Fire Almost Under Control, Says Sovan Chatterjee


Kolkata: After visiting the Calcutta Medical College Hospital fire site Bengal fire service minister as well as Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said on Wednesday that the fire is almost under control now. Work is going on to remove the smoke. The situation will quickly be normal.

On Wednesday morning the fire suddenly broke out in one of the building of Calcutta Medical College. The situation became awkward soon.Immediately patients were removed from the building. The fire department was alerted after smoke was spotted from the building that houses the pharmacy at around 8 am. Apart from the firefighters and the police, West Bengal’s disaster management authority officials have also reached the medical college.

Mayor Sovan Chatterjee appeared at Calcutta Medical College hospital to take the stock of the situation. He went inside the building and observed the whole thing. He then confirmed that the fire has been doused off almost. No trace of fire is found in the building anymore.

But the situation still to be get normal. As the building is covered with dark smokes. The fire department is trying to install exhaust fans to remove the smokes. The cause of fire will be disclosed after the investigation.