Medical board set up for ‘Morbid’ Partha


Kolkata:After living with a skeleton for 6 months, Partha De of 3 Robinson Street had been taken to Pavlov Institute for treatment. According to the doctors, a medical board has been set up for Partha. A dermatologist and a medicine expert have also been summoned to look into the condition of Partha De.

Investigating officers heard that, Partha De did not make any bank transaction for the last six months. Even then he spent Rs.600 everyday for pizza and pastries for deceased Debjani De. The entire bungalow was connected with wires where music played continuously. The eerie atmosphere was a perfect setting for strange activities. Partha had claimed that he even practised planchette to ‘invite’ the spirit of Debjani. Based on such actions, the doctors of the Pavlov Institute feel that Partha De, aged 44, suffers from morbidity and thus, have been prescribed for a thorough psychiatric treatment.

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