Media Attacked In Malda


Englishbazar: Several journalists representing various media were attacked by junior doctors of the Malda Medical College on Friday night.

Akhtarul Sekh was admitted in the Malda Medical College due to stomach ache and vomit. But unfortunately he expired. His family complained that Akhtarul expired due to the carelessness of the hospital. He was wrongly treated, as alleged by his family. On the basis of such a complaint, journalists reached the spot for the coverage of the incident. While the journalists were doing their work, documenting the entire chaos which had already spread in the hospital, the junior doctors attacked them with steel rods and sticks. The journalists were beaten up badly and their cameras broken. 4 journalists were seriously injured due to the attack. One of them, Utpal Mandal’s condition is serious. The journalists have lodged a complaint against the junior doctors at the Englishbazaar police station. But no arrests have been so far.

On the other hand, Jalpaiguri Press Club hosted ‘black day’ on the same day in protest against the murder and assault of journalists. The journalists of Jalpaiguri wore black badges and even put black badges on pedestrians to express their protest. A minute’s silence was also maintained in the conference room to pay respect to the journalist who was killed in Bihar. Rajdeo Ranjan, the journalist of ‘Hindustan’, a hindi national daily, was killed in Bihar by unidentified assailants on Friday.  The Press Club members want peace and justice to be meted out to both the journalists, one, assaulted in Malda Medical College, and, two, the journalist killed in Bihar.

Kolkata24x7 strongly criticizes both the events where journalists have been killed and assaulted.