Mechanic Madan’s Chariot Gave New Dimension Of RathaYatra


Balurghat: Rath Yatra is one of the biggest and and widely-celebrated festivals of India wherein millions of devotees arrive at the Jagannath temple in Odisha’s Puri. But in Bengal, it is celebrated everywhere with prosperity. These chariots are pulled by hundreds of devotees by big ropes, and take hours and even days to reach the destination.

The people of AK Gopalan Coloni area deprived of this pulling chariots. This sad things engulfs whole colony area because no Rath yatra celebrated in this area till now. The dreams of people are fulfilled by a electric Mechanic of the colony Madan Debnath.

উৎসবে নতুন মাত্রা যোগ করল মদনের রথ

AK Gopalan Colony is situated under Balurghat area. The people of the coloni are deprived off the Ratha Yatra celebration for long time. The 11 feet Rath is made by Madan Debnath in his own hand and the cost of the Rath is near about Rs 30,000. Madan started the making from April month.

On Saturday evening, the people of the area pulled the chariots by big ropes. A fair is also organised in this area. Many People came to the fair to witness the grand event.

Barnila Sarkar, The councilor of 10 number ward said that no rathyatra was celebrated in the area. Madan’s own initiative makes people of the area happy. Even she herself also pulled the ropes.

Madan Debnath, the maker of the rath said that he has a long dream to make a rath to make people happy. It is believed that anyone who gets to pull their cart on way is bestowed with the benediction of washing away all the sins they may have committed in all their previous births. And now he is very much happy after fulfilling the dreams.