Mecca Crane Tragedy: Saudis Suspend Laden Group


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has sanctioned the Saudi Bin Ladin Group over a construction crane crash incident in the holy city of Mecca that claimed the lives of over 100 pilgrims.

 According to Press TV, Salman suspended the group from participating in new contracts and ordered the finance ministry to review the firm’s current contracts. According to the ruling, announced in a royal court statement on Tuesday, the group’s senior executives and board members are barred from foreign travel until the investigation is complete and all legal cases are settled.

A report by the committee that investigated the crash said the firm “was in part responsible” for the tragedy, which occurred during a severe thunderstorm accompanied by violent winds.

The Saudi Press Agency quoted the committee as saying “The position of the crane was in violation of operating instructions prepared by the manufacturer.”

Salaman also ordered payments of $267,000 to the bereaved family members of each of the deceased and around half the amount to those of the injured people.

The construction crane fell on the holy city’s Grand Mosque on Friday and killed nearly 110 people and injured about 400 more. Accordion to figures released by Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, 11 Iranian pilgrims are among the deceased and 32 of the injured are Iranian.

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