McDonalds throws Street Child out of restaurant


Pune: A street child was thrown out of a McDonalds restaurant in Pune with the employees saying that the restaurant did not allow such people inside.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that they conduct an enquiry over the incident.

The child had gone inside the Fast food restaurant with a woman who was also accompanied by some of her friends.

There she met with this child who was curiously looking at the coke floats which she had bought.

Shaheena Attarwala
Shaheena Attarwala

When the child asked for some, the woman named Shaheena Attarwala took the child inside the store to buy it but an employee grabbed the child by the collar and threw him out.

McDonalds issued a statement saying that they don’t support any form of investigation and are investigating the matter internally. The fast food chain also said that they didn’t support any form of discrimination.