MB confident of winning in Derby

MB confident of winning in Derby

Kolkata: Before 24 hours in to the Big Kolkata Derby, the Mohun Bagan camp looked to be on their toes and quite pumped up to maintain their unbeaten run in the I League. The practice session mainly compromised of set pieces and free kicks. Sanjoy Sen is likely to go for a 4-4-1-1 formation on Saturday against arch rivals East Bengal.

The defensive line will be comprising of Sukhen Dey, Bello Rasaq, Anwar Ali/ Pratik Chowdhury and Kingshuk Debnath. The mid field operations will be taken care of Sony Norde, Katsumi Yusa, Souvik Chakraborty and Denson devadas. Pierre Boya is likely to play as the withdrawl position with Punjab boy Balwant Singh upfront.

MB marquee, Pierre Boya looked confident to make hay in the Derby.He said that Ranti is playing good football no doubt but as a team EB is not at the peak of their form. MB has to cash in to the weaknesses of EB. On the other hand the Haitian forward is pumped up. He said that Haiti will be playing a match on Thursday. But he is prioritizing the Derby ahead of Haiti’s match. Norde thinks that the match will be special and MB has to deliver on the special occasion.

MB President Tutu Bose has confirmed that there are no issues of payment in the MB camp. But he keeps the I League ahead of the Derby. Bose feels that it is time to bring back the I League to Kolkata. He keeps the I League hopes at a higher pedestrial rather than concentrating on winning a particular match.