Mayor’s Wife’s Case To Be Settled First: HC


Kolkata: Coming as a setback to Mayor Sovan Chatterjee, the Calcutta High Court
instructed to first complete Ratna Chatterjee’s case and then proceed with the divorce case which was filed by the mayor.

Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharya instructed the Alipore Court to complete Mayor’s wife’s case within the next two months. After that the divorce case will be settled.

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Hours before the hearing on Monday, the Mayor appeared in the court with Baisakhi
Banerjee. The mayor had filed a divorce case in the Alipore court.

But the judge at Alipore court stepped aside due to personal problems. After this, it is still undecided that under whose leadership the hearing will be held. Within days of the Mayor filing a divorce case, his wife filed a case against him at the Alipore court.

Ratna Chatterjee, filed another case after this case was taking a long time. Ratna Chatterjee’s lawyer informed the court that several pleas have been made to settle the matter first. But the lower court refused. Hence they appealed to the High Court.