Mayor Firhad Confident About His Victory On Sunday By-Election

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Kolkata: The by-election of 82 number wards of the Kolkata municipality will held on Sunday. Firhad Hakim’s fate will decide on Wednesday. A total of 34 thousand people will cast their vote on Sunday. There are total 12 booths. KP arranged tight security arrangements for Sunday vote. Firhad Hakim wants to see how many votes he got from last time.

On Friday, election campaign ended. Mayor Firhad Hakim has organized four major rally in the area. People in the area are very happy to get their favorite ‘Bobby Da’. In the words of the people, Bobby Da has done so much for us, now the time has come to give something.
BJP, Left Front and Congress have all given the candidates in the by elections. BJP candidate Jeevan Sen. CPIM candidate Shishir Dutta and Congress candidate Animesh Chatterjee will fight against Firhad Hakim.

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Firhad Hakim elected as councilor from ward number 82 in the year of 2000. Then in 2005, he was elected the mayor council of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation by a maximum of 1200 thousand votes . According to the expert’s opinion, Farhad Hakim will win this time by record margin vote from the previous year.

Trinamool Congress minister Firhad Hakim was elected as Kolkata Mayor, securing 121 votes in the 144-member Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) during the mayoral election.
After winning the mayoral election, Hakim became the first Muslim to hold the post of Kolkata Mayor post independence. The result was announced by municipal secretary Harihar Prasad Mondal.