Mayawati Ridicules SP’s Bid To Form Grand Alliance


Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati today ridiculed attempt by Samajwadi Party to form a grand alliance in poll- bound Uttar Pradesh and virtually ruled out any alliance with Mulayam Singh’s party, days after JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar made such a suggestion.

Hours after Samajwadi Party brought members of the erstwhile Janata Parivar on one platform as part of attempt to form a ‘mahagathbandhan‘ or grand alliance, Mayawati addressed a press conference, warned that any alliance with the ruling party in Uttar Pradesh will directly benefit BJP.

“There is not a single concrete reason for any secular party to align with Samajwadi Party, specially after the bad experience of (SP) breaking the ‘mahagathbandhan‘ in Bihar because of its understanding with BJP,” she said.

“SP is today standing alone because of its understanding with BJP. So, any move to align with SP means directly helping BJP…other parties should remain alert on this count as it would be good for them,” the former Chief Minister said.

Mayawati, while attacking the ruling party, said, “All know that because of its selfish motives, Samajwadi Party today stands divided. (In these circumstances) supporting SP clearly means strengthening BJP and forming an anti-Dalit, anti-backward and anti-Muslim BJP government in the state.” Her comments against any alliance with SP came days after Kumar, JD(U) leader and Bihar Chief Minister, said, “Any grand alliance in UP will only take shape when the SP and the BSP are together.”

Mayawati said, “SP is trying to form an alliance with mostly those parties who have a very limited influence in UP. Moreover, this effort to form a grand alliance only proved that the ruling Samajwadi Party has accepted its defeat, even before the Assembly elections.”

Contending that “There is no concrete example on which SP can seek votes and come back to power in the state”, she said, “At all levels, casteism, communalism, corruption and jungleraj has prevailed…should other secular parties support the sinking SP ship because various incidents like Muzaffarnagar, Dadri among others took place in the state because of their understanding with BJP.”