Matrimonial Ad In WB Seeks Communist Groom


Kolkata: Matrimonial advertisements based on caste, religion, colour are common in India but it seems political ideologies are also a factor nowadays. Recently, a matrimonial ad seeking “communist groom” has been published in a Bengali newspaper.

As per the advertisement, Kolkata resident, Deepanuj Dasgupta, is looking for a groom for his 25-year-old sister. Dasgupta’s ad says the groom needs to be actively involved in Left politics.

The advertisement was published in Ganashakti, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). It says the woman is well-educated and holds Masters degree in Sanskrit and Bachelors degree in Education.

Interestingly, Dasgupta said that he is not a member of any political party, but considers himself a ‘student of Marxism’. He believes that even though the political importance of West Bengal has changed, but still there are many such families who rely on Leftist ideology and he belongs to a similar family. Dasgupta said his sister was adopted by his family when she was one-year-old.

He further said that in India wedding is a social issue unlike in Europe and America where it is considered as an individual thing. The advertisement reflects the same ideology.

According to an Associate Professor of South Asian University, Ravi Kumar, this is a unique advertisement. He said: “This is the very first time I heard about this kind of advertisement in which a desire to marry a bridegroom with a particular political ideology has been expressed. It reflects the cultural development of society.”

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