Mathura Violence: Key Accused Dead, Confirms Police


Mathura: Ram Vriksh Yadav, leader of the cult that clashed with the police on Thursday in Mathura, was among those killed in the violence, the police has said. Twenty-four people, including two policemen, had died in the clashes.

Yadav was a key accused of leading the violence and purportedly ran a camp backed by a private army divided into units which had taken over Mathura’s Jawahar Park.

More than 3,000 people of the cult, which called itself Swadhin Bharat Vidhik Satyagrah, had ambushed around a thousand policemen with swords, guns and grenades.

They also lit several cooking gas cylinders leading to a huge explosion and causing most of the deaths. Yadav appeared to be among those killed in the fire and had burn injuries, police said.