Mathew Revisits Horror of 9/11 & Paris Attack


Paris: An American 9/11 survivor meets terror a second time at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris when jihadis terrorised the French concert hall and survived. Its been 14 years since the World Trade Centre attack.

Matthew who did not want to give his second name – was at the Bataclan watching Eagles of Death Metal when crazed terrorists stormed in and began shooting indiscriminately into the crowd.

After being shot in the leg and arm, Matthew gathered all his strength and dragged himself along the floor outside the emergency exit before reaching the street. Remarkably, Matthew was on the road below the World Trade Center when a plane smashed into the iconic building in 2001 – killing 2,606 people.

The 36-year-old, who moved to Paris with his family in July, said: “I ran across nearly half of Manhattan. But what I saw at the Bataclan was a thousand times worse.

“I pretended to be dead. When I felt being shot in the arm, I didn’t even look.” Matthew told how he edged through bodies towards the emergency exit each time the terrorists reloaded their Kalashnikovs as they continued with their killing spree.

He said that “I moved forward centimetre by centimetre. Then I saw edge of the exit by my hand. I gripped it with one finger, then another.”

Daniel Psenny – a French journalist who lives nearby the Bataclan and filmed the dramatic video of people dangling from the building as jihadis killed 89 people inside – helped Matthew after leaving his apartment to help victims.

Mr Psenny took victims who had escaped to his apartment where they stayed until the horror ended. The pair had an emotional reunion in hospital days later after learning they had been just a few rooms away from each other.

Matthew said after the reunion: “I couldn’t say anything. I told him again he was my angel.” He added, “We’ll see if one I go back to the Bataclan.” At least 129 people died in the Paris attacks on November 13.