Maternal Death Causes Tension In Jalpaiguri Hospital


Jalpiguri: Death of a maternal patient named Pinki Khatun(22) creates huge tension in Japaiguri district hospital on Monday morning in Jalpaigurui.

According to sources, Pinki was a resident of Jalpaiguri’s Berubari area. The victim’s family allegedly complained that Pinki was died due to lack of treatment. The victim’s family started protest in front of Emergency ward in hospital. But the hospital management denied the allegation.

According to family, Pinki was admitted to the hospital on Friday. Victim’s father Pusu Muhammad told that her daughter gave birth of a child. She was filled better on Sunday but when he came to the hospital on Monday Pusu Muhammad heard the dead news of her daughter. Victim’s father complained that Hospital management did not call them even their number was given to them.