Mastram Man Rahul Bagga’s ‘Umeed’ Ready To Rock The Floor


Mumbai: Rahul Bagga is famous for his well known movie ‘MASTRAM’ and many more. Rahul is a trained theatre actor. Rahul says to the Kolkata24x7 in an exclusive interview that he is open to all platforms, be it big screen, stage, TV or digital. With a new short film in his bag, let’s see what the Mastram-actor has to say-

1. Rahul, 7films in your bag and even today reaching you is just a phone call away. Why not managers or agencies managing your dates and calls?

  • First of all, I have not done seven but nine films. The problem is people’s perceptions. I am not disturbed by lot of people because I think I am not a bankable actor who fetch crores of money and hence need managers to manage their lives. So in a way they are helping me save my money to be spent on agencies and managers. I have managed my life pretty well so far. But if they really work please let me know. I would love to have one…

2. The world is on social media, be it INSTA, TWITTER, SNAPCHAT or FACEBOOK. Surprisingly, you are not on any of these platforms. You don’t even attend parties and functions, not even the award shows. Have any specific reason behind this? Don’t you think visibility matters, especially in the showbiz?

  • It’s a very wrong information, I am definitely in favor of living in social media, It’s just that I don’t want to spend much time on all these platforms because I feel I should give the time in exploring myself and my craft, rather than wasting away. As far as award shows and parties are concerned, I always wait for the invitations but it never happens because I am not that big…

3. If I am not wrong, you started your journey with “ACT ONE” under N.K. SHARMA. Till date you are closely associated with theater, currently alongside Ila Arun. Is it a conscious effort to keep in touch with the craft or is it just out of sheer love for theater, or both?

  • I think it is like both the things, definitely love and passion for theatre and to be in touch with your real craft. When I started my journey from ACT ONE (From Delhi) I was nothing but a fresher.later I came to Mumbai, and eventually started getting films. I was so happy, rather excited, but after a few years I realized that there are different thoughts and peoples.
  • I couldn’t relate to them but in order to survive and support yourself, you are forced to take impulsive decisions, choose wrong people. So I was frustrated. That’s when I joined theatre in Mumbai, for my inner actor who needs everyday practice with genuine guides and people. It is kind of a rescue for me honestly.

4. How was your experience coaching “The Salman Khan” in Sultan? Any fun/memorable incident from the sets of Sultan?

  • Ahhh … everyday it was fun … working with Mr Salman khan who has such an aura not only as an actor but also as a human being… I spent a lot of memorable moments with him that are indescribable but one thing I have learnt this man puts in constant effort for good,from the 30 years, he is an inspiration …

5. Rumours have it that, you are not very happy with the Mastram release cut? Is there any truth to this at all, or are these only rumours?

  • See, as an actor it is not my duty to look at the creative parts. It is a producer-director’s journey but it’s not true that I was not happy. It’s all about perception.

6. You have presently completed a short film-“umeed”. Tell us, how did Umeed happen?

  • One for my senior actors from ACT ONE Mr Vinod Nahardih introduced me to Arpan, the director of this project … Arpan called me, we fixed a date and he narrated me the whole story.. I liked the concept and the issue which needs to be addressed… But importantly I was impressed by Arpan’s passion, love and hard work towards filmmaking… he is very passionate with positive energy,

7. Rahul, after 7films, and an active theatre association, why a short film? Was it the concept or the director that persuaded you to take up Umeed?

  • Currently digital media is very powerful. It opens up space in terms of exposure. Like I said I am open to all platforms as an actor, hence this short film. What persuaded me to do Umeed was the idea which touched me somewhere. Of course I always love to work with new people… if somebody is giving so much effort into something… I am ready to take the challenge with him by giving my 200%…so I said … yes… Let’s make it…

8. Apparently, it’s a new director on the block for Umeed. What made you work with him, when you are friends with other experienced directors in the likes of Ali Abbas Zafar?

  • It doesn’t matter whether Arpan is a new director or Ali is a director from YRF, I respect a person not for what he has already done, but for what he is and what he can do. I worked with Arpan because I felt he has the vision and he desperately wanted to do something. For me that’s more important.

9. If you had to rate your performance in Umeed, how much would you score out of 10?

  • Very tough question, I think you guys should decide after watching it.

10. If you had to sum up your journey of Umeed…

  • Hope

11. When and where can we watch Umeed?

  • Next week… Please watch the film and ask your friends and family to watch it too.

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee