Massive Iceberg Floats On Shore, Becomes Huge Tourist Attraction


Canada: All roads leads to Canada’s coastal town Ferryland. No, really! A town with reportedly a population of just about 500 is now hosting visitors from across the world, thanks to a giant iceberg that has come floating onto the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, making it a sight of a lifetime to set one’s eyes upon.

According to CTV News, while it is common for Arctic icebergs to appear on the shore during the summers, thus even giving the area the name “iceberg alley”, Adrian Kavanangh, the coastal town’s mayor has called this huge iceberg the biggest one. Reportedly, its height falls easily anywhere between 151ft and 200ft.

With this, people from everywhere have began to flock to the small town, making a beeline to the shore to see the mesmerising sight. Here are some of the photos that are garnering attention on social media.

Localites said how localites and tourists made way to the shore to click pictures of the iceberg all through Easter weekend. “Good Friday it was pretty busy but Sunday it was really blocked out there too,” Don Costello, a resident of Newfoundland, just off Ferryland, was quoted saying by CBC. Although the humongous chunk of ice does’t seem to be drifting or melting away in the near future, residents said how it has moved slightly and even fallen apart a bit.

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