Massive Fire Set Out At Gorabazar, Dumdum


Kolkata: Massive fire broke out at Gorabazar of Dumdum Cantonment area on Monday midnight.

20 fire tender machines have reached the spot. Fire control work going for last 6 hours. Fire extinguishing work is underway.

The entire market has burnt. The market for Saraswati Puja has ruptured. At least 150 shops have destroyed in fire. A bank adjourned with the market has blazed in fire.

Reportedly, huge amount of burning element was present inside the market. Fire pockets are still active as the market is congested.

Local businessmen claimed, there is no fire extinguisher inside the market. Local businessmen burst into anger as police and fire rescuer has reached the spot little late.

Reportedly, short-circuit is the probable reason for this massive fire.

Two person have killed in suffocation till now inside a shop. One person was physically retarded among them.