Situation Under Control After Massive Fire Broke Out At Beleghata Drug Warehouse


Kolkata: A massive fire broke out in a drug warehouse in Beleghata area. The incident took place in the wee hours of the Saturday night. It was a homeopathy medicine ware house where the fire broke. The warehouse has many settlements beside it. As a result, when the fire broke out there was panic.

Reportedly, the fire rescuer team rushed at the spot no sooner did they were informed, at least fourteen fire tenders reached at the spot to control the fire. And the fire was under control on Sunday morning. Although the drug warehouse was completely burnt but the fire was controlled from spreading in the area. The rescuers while performing their duty were worried about the spread of fire in the locality but they handled the situation very tactfully, said an fire official. The fire rescue team arranged every means to control the fire so they kept fire tenders wherever there was little settlements. After that they started to control the fire from the other different parts of this five thousand square feet warehouse. Hence it took lot of time to put a control on the fire.

As per sources the cause of this massive fire in the warehouse is still unknown. A fire official said the whole thing will be investigated. Although it was primarily believed that the cause of the massive fire was due to short circuit. Beside this it will be also investigated that whether the fire-fighting system of the warehouse was fair or not.

Although the owners of the warehouse claimed that their fire extinguishing system was proper. The work of packaging and leveling of the homeopathy drugs was done in the warehouse. As a result there were plenty of combustible substances in the warehouse so the fire spread quickly guesses the fire officials. On the other hand, the owner of the warehouse has claimed that he has faced a damage of about two crore rupees.