Massive Fire Breaks Out At Diesel Godown In Kolkata


Kolkata: Massive fire breaks out at diesel godown at Armenian ghat in Kolkata on Tuesday night. Twenty fire tenders rushed to the spot to douse the flame. Fire spread across the area in quick time due to fuel. Disaster management group reached to spot to handle the situation.

According to sources, there are 20 barols diesel were presented in the ware house. Blast also was reported on by one. Water is also taken from Ganges.

Fire Brigade received a call about the flames just a few minutes after 8 pm. Though there was the entire river to get water from, accessing it was complicated and took some time. The explosions and flames made things more difficult. The lane leading from the main road to the godown was narrow.

Kolkata’s mayor and police commissioner were at the spot to oversee operations. The spot where the godown was is called Armenian Ghat, from where mechanised boats ferry commuters across the river from Kolkata to Howrah.

The godown is owned by the Calcutta Port Trust which under the Union shipping ministry. Port Trust had apparently leased out the godowns. However, it is not yet clear who the godowns were leased out to. “I don’t want to do politics but the centre must tell Port Trust to monitor who is using the godowns and what is kept in it,” said Mayor Sovan Chatterjee.

Initial reports suggest the diesel barrels may have been kept in the godown by ferry operators. Port Trust, which confirmed that the godown had been leased out, is yet to confirm who it was leased out to and whether the purpose was storage of inflammable material.