Aggressive Buddha Roars ‘Trinamool Hatao’



  • We have to throw out Trinamool. We have to win this fight. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya:TMC has pushed Bengal to the brink.There r no jobs,people r starving.TMC Hatao,Bangla Bachao! : Buddha
  • The situation is not good in India. BJP is spreading hatred, fanning communalism, we have to remove BJP. The state is sufering. Youths have no future, farmers are committing suicide: Buddhadeb
  • Buddhadev Bhattacharya addressing the crowed.
  • Ghulam Ali has been prevented from staging concert, the Pakistani cricket team has been prevented from playing in India, RSS, BJP fanning communal tension in India: Yechuri./
  • The RSS and Bajrang Dal has openly claimed that they will construct Ram temple on the disputed territory fanning communal tension, while PM is acting mum: Yechurisitaram
  • Taking a jibe at Modi’s foreign tour, Sitaram Yechuri said, “Modi is taking breakfast at one country while lunch at another.Modi has boasted 56 inch chest and had rejected talks with Pakistan and now see what happened.”
  • CPM is the only alternative to the misrule heaped by Trinamool. No power which can wipe out CPM has born yet: Sitaram
  • Save India by Removing PM Modi from the Centre. Save Bengal by throwing Trinamool out of the power: Yechury
  • Sitaram Yechry addressing the brigade.
  • We have to draw in fresh blood for the party. We have to bring students, housewifes, workers to our party: Salim
  • This is not the fight of left Front alone, it is the people’s fight against corruption, oppression against communalism. BJP and Trinamool have signed a secret pact to reap political benefit: Surya
  • We are the alternative to the oppressive Trinamool government. We can bring industry to Singur. We can provide employment to people: Salim
  • We have to capture people’s heart not their land. We have to escalate our fight from January against the misrule in the state. The 34 years history can not be wiped out: Surya
  • Trinamool hatao Desh Bachao: Surya
  • The Brigade itself is the answer to Trinamool’s misrule in the state: Surya
  • Surya Kant Mishra addresses the Brigade.
  • Didi has patched up with Modi and is currently singing ‘Rang de Mohe Gerua’: Salim
  • ‘Kitne baju kitne sar ginle dushman jaan se,. jitenge hum agar lare ji Jaan se: SalimCPM-hindi-01
  • We will win this fight and will oust TMC, will end the reign of BJP. The red flag will regain its glory…
  • The level of education, health is degrading. Our projects for the development of minority community have been dubbed as Mamata’s brainchild: Salim
  • One Madan Mitra is in jail but what about he money, what about the other culprits. Now Mukul will also go to jail: Salim
  • Where has the Sardha money gone, the poor people have been duped. Nobody is happy in this state. Syndicate Raj is rampant, misrule is visible: Salim
  • May it be the wedding of Jaitley’s daughter or Sonia’s birthday, Didi is busy warming ties with Modi: Salim
  • Didibhai seeking Modi Bhai’s protection in the massive Chit Fund Scam whenever grilled by CBI: Salim
  • There is no industry in Bengal and Mamata is trying to sell fan fries and ‘Jhal Muri’ as industry. RSS and Modi have collaborated with Mamata: Salim
  • Government Tea Estate are shut, workers are dying committing suicide and CM Mamata is oblivious of the situation. Jute mills are downing shutters. While Bengal is suffering Mamata is celebrating Biswa Bangla Sammilan : Salim 
  • The Trinamool has tried to block our rallies, but he red flag will fly with all its glory, we will not surrender, we will fight back: Salim
  • We are here to challenge the Trinamool. They have threatened us, attacked us created an atmosphere of terror: Salim
  • Lal Selam to all comrades, roared Salim
  • CPM leader Mohamad Salim to address the crowed.
  • The country is witnessing a politics of intolerance. There is an imminent need for an alternative of parties like BJP and Congress. It is the CPM which can provide the alternative: Balakrishnan
  • At least 20 comrades have lost their lives in Kerala. Kerala finance minister KM Mani has kept a money machine of his own: Balakrishnan
  • The Central government is acting for the interest of corporate sector while neglecting the common people: K Balakrishnan
  • Manik Sarkar – This bengal played major role in throwing out british imperialism from India.. similary it threw out fascist regime of SS RAY
  • Manik Sarkar – we have to bring more people back to our fold.. we have to attract intellectuals whichever party they may be in.
  • There is no differences in the economic policies of Congress and BJP. The country is going through a rough phase due to misrule. Left and communist parties are the only ones providing that alternate economic vision: Manik 
  • Say no to Trinamool in West Bengal. Left Front is the only party which can revive the state’s glory: Manik sarkar
  • The democratic forces have to unit against the corrupt rule. We will have to throw out Congress and BJP: Manik Sarkar.
  • Manik Sarkar – The all round devastation of Farmers, Workers is leading to suicides. The communal card is being played by BJP. Minorities specially Muslims and Christians are targeted across the country.
  • The BJP promising relief has grabbed power but failed to deliver its promises. Both Congress and BJP are two faces of the same coin: Manik
  • I greet the people on behalf of Tripura. The Congress government in Centre was overthrown by the people burdened with price rise, corruption, farmers suicide: Manik
  • Tripura CM Manik Sarkar addressing the Brigade.
  • Brinda Karat – Under LF, WB was refuge for the wretched who ran away from riots. Now rape victims’ family have to run from WB to Biha
  • Brinda lashes out at Mamaa for terming the Park Street rape case as false.
  • Despite he fact that a woman in Wes Bengal’s CM, the state leads in crime against women.brigade-2
  • Brinda Karat: Those who said Red Flag will be drowned in the Bay of Bengal come to Brigade and see.
  • The red flag will fly with glory in this state. Trinamool government is corrupt the Modi-Mamata game has heaped suffering on the people: Brinda.
  • Lakhs of people have gathered here. lets take a pledge to weed out Trinamool from Bengal. We won’t be subdued. We won’t surrender. The communal BJP will not succed in its agenda: Brinda
  • Brinda Karat addresses the crowed.
  • The media personnel are aware of the facts that BJP and Trinamool area manipulating news. The people gathered here out of their own, no one has been forced: Biman 
  • Our supporters have been attacked, threatened by the TMC goons. We will stage a sit in demonstartion against the chit fund scam at CGO Complex: Biman
  • We want an end to the dictatorial, evil rule of Trinamool, the state will again rise to glory where man will be treated like man: Biman 
  • The BJP and Trinamool is harbouring communal elements. Modi and Mamata are different face of the same coin: Bimandelhi-women-police
  • There is no democracy in West Bengal. The current govt has trampled democracy under its feet: Biman
  • The tea workers are left to die in misery and poverty with the government taking no steps: Biman
  • The current TMC government stands for he rapists, for the criminals. We want to reestablish the glory of West Bengal: Biman
  • I revered the people who have came from the distant corner of the state. I know you are able to throw out the oppressing Trinamool government in the state: Biman
  • I thank all the supporters who have gathered here. You have endured a lot of hardship in this winter: Biman
  • Biman Basu addressing the gathering.
  • I thank the party workers who cane from North Bengal, South Bengal, he Tea workers, the labourers for the hardship they have endured: Buddhadeb
  • Buddahadev Bhattacharya addressing the crowed has announced the beginning of the Plenum. 
  • Biman Basu hoisted CPM flag and addressing the crowed. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya reaches Brigade ground. Tripura CM Manik Sarkar will address the gathering. 
  • The brigade ground has almost filled with CPM supporters. Around five lakhs supporters have reportedly gathered at the Brigade so far.
  • Sarat Bose Road, Elgin Road JL Nehru Road has been choked with CPM rallies. Hazra Jinx,
  • Howrah station and Sealdah station has literally been choked by arriving CPM cadres from across the state.
  • Sitaram Yechury, Brinda Karat, Prakash Karat and Surya kant Mishra, Biman Bose and Mohammad Salim has arrived on the venue. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is yet to arrive at the venue.
  • Stray incident of attacks allegedly by Trinamool goons of CPM rallies in Burdwan, 24 Parganas have been reported.
  • The upper echelon of the CPM leadership has yet to arrive although many Left Front leaders are present at the Brigade.
  • CPM Rallies from Sealdah, Bidhannagar, Howrah has started proceeding towards the Brigade ground.brigade-1
  • Security has been beefed up in the city to thwart any unwanted situation.
  • The city is likely to choke as rallies from nine different routes like Victoria, Birla Planetarium will proceed towards Maidan.
  • Sitaram Yechuri said, “Join us to save democracy. BJP-TMC has joined hands and are parts of the same plan.”

Kolkata: The stage is all set for the massive Brigade organized by CPM in the city. The brigade is said to be a show of strength by the Left Front prior the 2016 Assembly polls in West Bengal. CPM leadership has claimed that around 10 lakh supporters have been mobilized for the brigade.

Former West Bengal CM and prominent CPM leader Buddhadeb Bhattacharya despite being ill will lead the brigade. Sitaram Yechuri, General Secretary of CPI (M) had earlier called for fresh blood in the party and has stressed on the need to engage youths.

With CPM’S four-day plenum — being held after a gap of 37 years — set to begin from today in Kolkata, the party is looking to “adopt suitable electoral tactics… for understanding with regional parties”. This, according to the draft review report on the ‘political-tactical line’ that the party had adopted at its 21st Congress in April 2015.

The draft review report — published in December in The Marxist, the party’s theoretical quarterly — added the CPM should also be open to “flexible tactics” with respect to the possibility of “swift changes in the political situation”.

This significant shift in the stance towards political alliances ahead of the Assembly elections early next year in Bengal is likely to dominate discussions at the Kolkata plenum.