Massive 5.5kg Tumour Removed From Woman’s Body


Patna: Ramvaati, 28, from Samastipur in Bihar was struggling every day of her life to survive with a burden of 5.5 kg tumour on her chest, shoulder and back. Her social and personal life was ruined and the discomfort made her mentally unstable. But now, she’s all set to lead a normal life after the tumour was surgically removed at Ram Manohar Lohial Hospital on Monday evening.

Ramvaati was suffering from neurofibroma, a genetic disorder of the nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Experts say neurofibroma tumour is not contagious and may occur due to rampant growth of cells in the body, and is very rare.

By the time Ramvaati reached RML after doing the rounds at different hospitals in Bihar and a few hospitals in Delhi as well, surgeons faced a tough challenge to remove the tumour and control bleeding, as loss of blood could have been fatal for the patient. But the hard work bore fruit after the benign tumor was removed; Ramvaati’s weight is now just 39 kg, a decrease from about 45 kg.

She feels lighter and is recuperating at the hospital. Dr Sameek Bhattacharya, head of burns, plastic, maxillofacial and microvascular surgery division, at RML told Mail Today, “For the first time, we had this case of neurofibroma plexiform running through neck, shoulder and back of the body. But this was non-cancerous.”

“However, the tumour involved a lot of vital nerves and vessels of the neck, from the spine to the limb and to the head. So we had to safeguard the vital blood vessels while removing the tumour. And to control the bleeding was the biggest challenge for us,” he added. “To avoid maximum bleeding we worked gradually to remove the tumour starting from the normal tissue. After that we reconstructed the area taking the tissues from her thighs,” Bhattacharya further said.

At present, there is no medicine to treat neurofibroma, other than surgical procedure. It is mostly found in children with a small tissue protruding out that grows with time. It was the same with Ramvaati. “Within a few years, the tumour grew on my chest, neck and back. I was not even able to wear clothes or sleep properly. I started avoiding social gatherings. My husband and children started avoiding me,” Ramvaati told.

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