Mass Rally In PoK Demand Freedom From Pak


Balochistan: The Jammu and Kashmir Students Federation (JKNSF) organised a massive rally in Jandali in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), where thousands of youth from all walks of life stage a protest against oppressive Pakistan government.

The report by news agency ANI said the JKNSF cadres were demanding freedom from oppressive practices conducted by the Pakistan government. Some of the leaders of the group blamed the neighboring country’s army and agencies for converting their “motherland into terror sanctuaries”.

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Some of the leaders of the party pointed out how Pakistan was oppressing them by using their army, adding that they want their rights.

Senior Leader Liyaqat Khan said, “When Pakistan build Neelam Jhelum, Mangla dam then we are not disputed but when we demand our rights, our identity we become disputed territory”

Khan went on to question why people from PoK are deprived of the freedom to take part in worldwide events such as sports. He said, “When we see players performing in world sports, I wonder why our youth is not taking part, why our youth does not go beyond these forests,” he questioned

He feels that the oppression is only because they are “slaves of Pakistan”. “I urge everyone and even to our veterans we must break the clutches of slavery, our beautiful land is full of resources and talent, we must not fear and part with Pakistan”, he added.

He confirmed that there is “widespread anger across PoK over Islamabad’s continued support to militant groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen.

Khan went on to allege that Pakistan’s military and ISI are working in tandem to turn PoK into its terror laboratory. “No private sector exists here and Government jobs are also negligible. There are no rights, no freedom of expression,” he added.