Marymount University On Lockdown After Gunman Found On Campus


Washington: Marymount University in USA on lockdown after a man with a gun was reportedly spotted in the campus. Police arrive at the scene. A lockdown has been lifted at Marymount University, after a call was made to police about a man with a gun in a campus parking lot.

Arlington County police received a call about a suspicious person and officers were sent to the campus to investigate. After a search, police said there was no threat and the lockdown was lifted just before 2 pm.

At 1:13 pm Monday, the school’s official account tweeted about the incident, saying, “ACPD is responding to a call reporting an Hispanic male in an unknown parking lot on campus with a gun.  Go to secure location and wait furt.” Four minutes later, they tweeted again, saying, “This is not a drill – go to secure location and await further information.”

At 1:33 pm, the school again tweeted that Arlington County police were searching parking lots, and those on campus should remain in a secure location until further information is provided.