Marvel Turns Donald Trump Into A ‘Supervillain’


Washington: Donald Trump has now officially become a villain! Not literally but as a comic-book character in a Spider-Man spin-off story by Marvel Comics which depicts an “amorphous, villainous” avatar of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

Marvel debuted the villainous version of Trump in “Spider-Gwen Annual 1”.

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The Marvel villain MODOK or ‘Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing’ – a giant head with arms, legs and a thirst for destruction – was reimagined in the Spider-Man universe as the real estate tycoon, the Washington Examiner reported.

div id=’ndtvrelcontent’></div>In his inaugural panel, MODOK also known as MODAAK or ‘Mental Organism Designed as America’s King’, the “amorphous, villainous” Trump-faced antagonist says – “If America will not act, M.O.D.A.A.K must!” the report said.

The storyline involves Captain America going up against various redesigned villains, including MODOK and a version of Baron Blood who strongly resembles the late pop star Prince.

The action takes place in an alternate Spider-Man universe where Gwen Stacey – girlfriend of Peter Parker, the first and most well-known Spider-Man – was bitten by a radioactive spider instead and thus gained its powers.

This is not the first time the comic book industry has appropriated 70-year-old Trump’s image. At New York Comic Con in October, artists in attendance were asked to name their favorite supervillain and then draw him or her as Trump.