‘Mardani’ of Assam: Nightmare of Terrorists


Guwahati: Fear ran down the spine of the dreaded Bodo militants of Assam on the very mention of the name, Sanjyukta Parashar.
The swampy forests and rain-drenched terrains of lower Assam is a major obstacle for the security forces for combing out the Bodo militants, known for their extraordinary skill in junglee ambush.

However Sanjyukta Parashar, Superintendent of Police in Sonitpur district of Assam, always boosts up her uniformed colleagues for patrolling inside the deep jungles. Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle herself, Parashar leads the charge. She managed to terrorize the terrorists.

Parashar, an IPS officer of the 2006 batch, has been leading the anti-Bodo militant operations in the area for the past 15 months.

By gunning down 16 militants and arresting 64 in the past few months, besides making impressive recoveries of arms and ammunition, she has instilled fear among the outlawed Bodos. After the crackdown, the insurgents struck back in December 2014 when they targeted civilians and killed 62 people in Sonitpur and Kokrajhar. “This was an act of desperation by the NDFB(S) cadre after the crackdown in all districts affected by NDFB insurgency,” she says.

It’s not just Sonitpur. A major crackdown headed by Parashar has been carried out in the past few months across all areas of the state where NDFB was active. While 11 NDFB militants have been killed in the past five months, 348 cadre and linkmen have been arrested. In 2014, the number of arrests was only 175 and the figure in 2013 was 172. The onslaught has been carried out by the forces in Kokrajhar, Udalguri, Baksa and Chirang in a coordinated manner. The reserve forest area is a fertile ground for Bodo militants while it is a tough task for the forces to conduct operations in the unfriendly territory.

While the recent crackdown has pushed the militants back but the forces are aware that they are nearby and can launch a strike any time. A policeman, who has been part of anti-NDFB operations for the past eight years, says: “We know they are here. We can’t let our guard down.”