‘Marching as my kids are being raped every day’: Satyarthi


Chandigarh: BHARAT YATRA, launched by Noble Peace laureate Kailash Satyarthi, arrived in Chandigarh on Thursday. The volunteers were welcomed at Panjab University and Chandigarh SCPCR by Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher, SCPCR Chairperson Harjinder Kaur and students of schools and universities.

Addressing students, Satyarthi said, “There are four Ps which we must take care of. First is people. They are in danger today. 23 crore kids live in countries which are at constant war. 130 million kids fall prey to war, 50 crore cannot even dream of freedom because they are victims of child slavery and millions are sold at prices lower than that of animals. Being people does not mean just life, but also dignity. Second P is plant. Global warming is an alarming issue and affects people and their activities. The third P is profit or property. About 10-12 years ago, people had prosperity and now they do not have it at all. The last P is peace. If we cannot protect our children from violence, then we cannot create a peaceful and sustainable world.”

Talking about sexual abuse, violence and child trafficking, Satyarthi said, “I am marching because my children are being raped everyday. Every six minutes, a child goes missing. More than 4.5 lakh children have been victims of trafficking, bought, sold for commercial and sexual exploitation. This yatra is to make India safe against child sexual abuse, violence, child labour practices and illegal trafficking.”

Sharing his childhood experience with students at Government Girls College-42, the Nobel laureate said, “On my very first day in school when I was five or six years old, I saw a child like me polishing shoes outside my school. When I asked why he do not go to school, his father told me school is not meant for poor people. And that made me change my attitude towards life and people.”

Safe Children-Safe India is the primary theme of Bharat Yatra aimed at raising awareness against child sexual abuse, violence and child trafficking. The campaign started on September 11 from Kanyakumari and will end at Rashtrapati Bhavan on October 16. More than 9,000 kms have been covered till now.