Maoists Blew Up Railway Tracks Near Dhanbad


Dhanbad: Maoists have reportedly blown up a railway track that falls under the jurisdiction of the Dhanbad railway division.

According to preliminary reports, the track was damaged at 12:40 a.m. this morning at a point between the Chichaki and Karmabaand railway stations.

বিস্ফোরণে রেল লাইন উড়িয়ে দিল মাওবাদীরা

A Dhanbad railway official, Manoj Kumar Akhouri, was quoted as saying that train services are being halted at different stations on the Delhi-Howrah route.

Trains affected by the mishap include the Kalka Express, the Hatia-Patna Express, the Howrah-Dehradun Express, the Kolkata Rajdhani Express, the Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express and the Ranchi Rajdhani Express.

Several freight trains have also been affected by the damage to the railway track, reports said.

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