Mao Convicts caught while trying to escape from Prison


Kolkata: 2 Convicts who tried to flee from the prison were caught by the police on the wee hours of Sunday. It was reported that on around 3 am on Sunday, Deepak Kumar and Shamim Hawaladar, known for Maoist activities in Chhatisgarh were caught by the police when they tried to escape from the Presidency Correctional Home. Shamim was booked under charges of dacoity and robbery also.

According to jail authorities, it was reported that, these two convicts made an attempt to escape in a filmy way by getting hold of the skeleton key of the prison. But when they tried to escape, they caught the sight of the security guards who played the spoil sport in their fleeing. Notably, Shamim had earlier tried to escape from the prison but was also caught then. In connection to the incident, an FIR has been lodged in the Hastings PS by the Presidency Authorities.