Many TMC Workers To Join BJP After Result Of Tripura

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Kolkata: Tripura turns saffron in the assembly election. Soon after that a question started bugging the mind of political concerns that will BJP come in West Bengal too or it is a mere result of ego clash. It became a big question after the result declaration of Tripura poll.

After the result more than thousand workers will shift to BJP on Saturday afternoon led by Mukul Roy. The program held at the state party office of BJP. Workers who left BJP are majorly from South 24 Pargana. The ex-TMC leader Mukul Roy has given the party flag to them.

ত্রিপুরা হাওয়ায় মুকুলের নেতৃত্বে আজই তৃণমূল ছাড়ছেন বহু কর্মী

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Top leader of BJP said, “ Mamata is afraid of the result of Tripura election as TMC will be demolish soon from the power.” Peers of Mukul Roy said, “many heavyweight leader of TMC has already called ‘dada’ as they want to shift to BJP soon.”

According to the BJP source, “Mukul Roy will deliver the party flag to the party workers at the press conference on Saturday afternoon.” Most of them are from old TMC workers. A leader left TMC said, “ Since 20 years I am involved in politics. But get so much insult from the young generation leader. It is a regret for old party leader. So I am holding the hand of Mukul Roy.”

The political concerns are saying, “ Tripura result will give energy to TMC just before the Panchayat election as well as will keep them under pressure.” Now it is a game of nerve and how you play with it.