Many Leaders Involved In Cow Smuggling, Bharati’s New Audio Message


Kolkata: Former IPS officer and Superintendent of police Bharati Ghosh has released a new audio message on Saturday and asserted that many leaders are also involved in cow smuggling case. They tried to shut my mouth just because I knew everything.

She also attacked Trinamool congress and said that someone put the power behind me to shut my mouth. She also threatened and said that ‘I am not afraid of anyone. I will see them in court’.

Bengal CID has raided in Bharati Ghosh’s Barrackpore location, searching for secret property on Saturday. CID started raid till morning but CID does not disclose anything at the moment. According to sources, Bharati Ghosh has another house at Manirampur in Barrackpore area.

Earlier, West Medinipore Ghatal Subdivisional Court has reportedly issued arrest warrant against Bharati Ghosh. According to CID sources, they have urged to the court for such action. Court has reverted back positively. Arrest warrants have issued with due concern of Central Investigation Department (CID). Another arrest warrant has been issued against Sujit Monal, the bodyguard of Bharati Ghosh during her tenure as Superintendent of Police in West Midnapore.

A team of state CID sleuths also seized thirty nine litters of foreign liquor from former’s Bharati Ghosh’s many flats in Kolkata on Thursday. According to sources, CID raided over two days and seized fifty seven sealed bottles of Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Officers Choice and Imperial Blue. On other hand, court ordered to lodge fresh case against MAV Raju on the basis of Biswajit Chakraborty’s allegation.