Manveer Puts All Rumours To Rest, Confirms His Marital Status


Mumbai: Manveer Gurjar, who has been marred with controversy, soon after his win at a reality show, has finally put a stop to all the rumours about him on Saturday.

Rumors were galore that Manveer was married and even has a daughter. Videos were viral adding a proof to this. His father and brother even had confirmed to several media of these speculations. But Manveer was yet to issue a statement on this.

Manveer Gurjar, Bigg Boss 10 winner and who is presently under treatment for food poisoning at a hospital, finally spoke on his marriage through a video. In the video, Manveer finally accepted that he is married and has a one-and-half year old daughter. He said that he got married under family pressure in 2014 but within 5-6 months things changed and they got separated.

The excerpts from the video are as follows:

“People have been questioning a lot, so let me make it clear that my wedding had nothing to do with the show. People who thought that I hid my marriage because of the show, then it is not true. My terms have not been good, as you can call it emotional blackmail or say that I was under a lot of pressure.”

Manveer also clarified about him talking to his co-contestant Bani about his marriage and daughter.  He clarifies that, “When I was trying to go to Bigg Boss house I did not feel the need to show it as I did not feel that I was married. You people have seen me on the show. I was what I am in real life. I have never played any mind games or been jealous of anyone,” he also added.