Manveer Gurjar’s Village Aghapur Erupts In Joy Over His Victory


Lucknow: The family of Manveer Gurjar can’t stop smiling. It was a special moment for them and the entire village of Aghapur near Noida when late on Sunday night, Manveer was declared as the winner of the 10th season of Bigg Boss.

His younger brother Sachin Gurjar is busy coordinating with people from television media who thronged the house. Every reporter is welcomed with loud cheers of ‘Manveer bhai zindabad’ from his friends and cousins.

“We have been campaigning since November, encouraging villagers and residents of Noida to support our Manveer. It is only because of the love he has received from people across India and other countries that he won the event,” says Sachin.

“We had an intuition from the past three-four days that Manveer bhai is going to win the show. As soon as Salman bhai announced the winner, the entire village erupted in joy,” says Amit Sharma, a friend of Manveer.

The residents of Aghapur claim they have not slept since Sunday night.

“We have been campaigning since November and it was a big moment for us when bhai was announced as the winner. He proved to the world that a person with humility and simplicity can achieve anything in the world,” said Neeraj Gurjar, Manveer’s cousin.

Aghapur, a Gurjar community dominated village, has been in limelight for the past two months.

“It is a matter of pride that somebody from our community has brought laurels. But it is not just the Gurjar community that supported Manveer, but people of all caste and community because of Manveer’s natural charm,” claims Sachin.

Manveer’s friends claim that they have been glued to the television since he stepped in the Bigg Boss house 115 days ago.

“Every night, my entire family used to watch Bigg Boss because of Manveer bhai. Aghapur is such a small village and earlier nobody knew about it. Today, people are asking every other person about Manveer’s Agahpur,” says Neeraj.

Manveer will be returning to Aghapur on Tuesday morning with his parents and till then, it’s a moment to cherish for his brothers and people of Aghapur.