Manohar Parrikar Is Afraid Cracking Jokes In Delhi. Know Why


Panaji: Days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi opined there is no humour left in public life, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar  said he is a bit afraid to crack jokes in Delhi as they can be misinterpreted.

“I feel good to be here (in Goa). When I am in Goa, I can take the liberty of cracking jokes. In Delhi, I am a bit afraid to crack jokes because even if I joke….it can be misinterpreted and confusion can be created,” Mr Parrikar said at a function held to celebrate the golden jubilee of Goa Engineering College (GEC).

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“They are looking (for) something controversial. Here (in Goa) we joke casually,” he said apparently alluding to media in Delhi.

Earlier in an interview to a private TV channel, PM Modi had said, “In this era of 24/7 news channels, anybody can lift a small word and make a big issue out of it. But I will tell you the truth, the reason for the absence of humour in public life is this fear. I am myself scared. Earlier when I used to make speeches, I would make it so humorous but there would never be any issues.”

Mr Parrikar said, “I remember I had inaugurated a girls hostel of GEC and I said after 30-40 years my dream of going to a girls hostel has been accomplished.”