Manjunath does a ‘Gabbar’ Act:Escapes from prison


Bengaluru: A Gabbar Singh act takes place in Bengaluru. Manjunath, a 3o-year old, serving a life time imprisonment is said to have escaped from the Central prison posing as a visitor to the facility at Parappana Agrahara in Bangalore on Friday evening. He is actually from Gulayanahatti in Karnataka’s Chitrdurga district.

“He has spent close to seven-years in prison which might have made him familiar with the protocols of the prison department that gave him confidence to casually deal with police personnel posted at gates for duty,”says jail officials.

It is believed that Manjunath managed to procure the seal, which the prison guards apply on the visitors at the Central Prison on arrival. Later, he dodged the inspecting staff by displaying the seal, and exited out of the prison facility.

During the official roll call on Friday evening at 5 pm, Manjunath was found missing, and the prison officials sounded an alert. The officials, on checking the CCTV footage, spotted the inmate leaving the premises among the visitors, an official said.

“The moment we found Manjunath missing during the roll-call on Friday evening we launched a manhunt which lasted overnight and continues as we speak. We are sure he has not reached quite far and we will nab him soon,” the senior official added. Central Prison authorities are coordinating with the Bengaluru police to hunt the suspect. The police have also informed the Chitradurga rural police to lookout for Manjunath as they believe he may try to contact his home.

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