ManjulKrishna lashes out at Jyotipriyo Mullick


Bongaon: Manjul Krishna Thakur lashes out at Jyotipriyo Mukherjee at the election premises on Friday. Manjulkrishna openly pointed out finger Jyotipriyo for forming a crack in the Thakur family. There was a notion of anger and rage in his voice when Manjul said that they will never allow Jyotipriyo Mullick to enter the Matua Constituency ever. The Food Minister of the state was also at the firing line of Manjul Krishna Thakur as he thought that ‘Balu’ is responsible for Mamatabala Thakur’s candidature from TMC.

The fight between Mamatabala Thakur of TMC and Subrata Thakur of BJP was the topic of discussion for the last few days. Manjul believes that it is Jyotipriyo that paved the way for this crack within the family.