Man Walks 1,350 Km To Meet PM Modi


New Delhi: After 30-year-old Muktikant Biswal on Saturday embarked on a 1,350 km journey from Odisha to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi to remind him of his unfulfilled promise of a multi speciality hospital in Rourkela, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has come to the Odisha man’s rescue.

Blaming PM Modi for the death of people in Rourkela due to the absence of a multi-speciality hospital there, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party will keep the prime minister’s promise for him.

In a Twitter post, Rahul Gandhi said, “The PM promised Rourkela a multi speciality hospital three years ago. Now, Muktikant Biswal has walked 1,300 Km to Delhi because the PM hasn’t kept his promise & people are dying. I assure Mr Biswal: the people of India & the Congress party will keep the PM’s promise for him.”

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