Man Tried To Kill KMC Worker In Front Of Lal Bazar, Accused Arrested


Kolkata: A KMC worker named Lalut Baithya alleged that a man named Haro tried to kill him by broken pieces of tin in front of many cops in Lalbazar area on Thursday and after seeing these police remains silent.

According to sources, the accused name was haro. He was a shop worker in front of lalbazar. On the day, lalut came to the shop to buy the cartoons of biscuits and then they engaged in clash. The clash turned deadly after few minutes.

Haro then attacked lalut with broken tin in fron of lalbazar gate. lalut was seriously injured after this incident. lalut alleged that police remain silent on this issue after watching.

Panic spread after the incident. Locals called police immediately. Police reached the spot and handle the situation. later police arrested shop owner Deboprasad and haro in this incident.