Man Suspected To Be Indian Killed In Bangkok


Bangkok: A body, believed to be of an Indian man, carrying multiple injuries, has been found in a bag floating in a canal in Thailand’s capital Bangkok. A man working in an ice factory found the bag yesterday. It contained human remains — the head and shoulders were protruding, the Thai police said.

Acting Bangkok police chief Sanit Mahathaworn said an initial examination indicated that the man — an Asian dressed only in his underwear  had been murdered at least three days ago. The injuries to the head and neck were the fatal blows, the police said.

Quoting sources, a local daily, the Bangkok Post, said several items found in the bag indicated the man could be an Indian national.
Indian Embassy sources however, said the identity and nationality of the victim had not yet been confirmed and they were working with the Thai police.

It is likely that the man had been tortured for information before being killed and the body was subsequently dumped in the canal, the police said. They suspected that business conflict could have been the reason behind the murder.