Man Stalks Indians In US Park, Accuses Of Stealing American Jobs

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Ohio: A man stalked Indian families in a park in US’s Ohio and accused them of stealing American jobs. The whole things was recorded and was posted on the website This is seen to be yet another racist attack.

The incident comes barely a week after Hyderabad techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead at a bar in Kansas.

The video titled, “Welcome to Columbus Ohio suburbs – Lets take a walk to Indian park” was posted on the website managed by 66-year-old Steve Pushor, who works as a computer programme in Virginia.

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In the video, Pushor takes a video of Indians taking a stroll in the park while their children ride bikes and play around. While his camera pans through the park, Pushor says, “The number of people from foreign countries blows my mind out here. You see this whole area is all Indian, amazing. It’s an amazing number of jobs have been taken away from Americans. The Indian crowd has ravished the Midwest. It’s a takeover”.

In one instance, Pushor also sarcastically described the park as ‘mini Mumbai’.

” What we’re trying to point out is people in Ohio, IT workers and other professional people have lost their jobs to foreign guest workers. That’s what our point is,” he added.