Man Spills S**X Toys On Road, Left Red Faced


Moscow: A man was left red-faced after spilling a load of sex toys off his moving truck in the middle of Moscow.

Passerbys stared in amused horror as the driver hastily shoved the dozens of scattered rubber toys back in their cardboard box and into the boot of his car.

A video showed ‘giggling’ onlookers whipping out their phone to capture the embarrassing incident on Tsvetnoy Boulevard once they realized the nature of the X-rated objects.

The footage, captured first by the dashcam of a car behind showed the man’s truck accelerating quickly at a green traffic light.

As the motorist gave ‘full throttle’ the numerous colourful toys flew out of the vehicle’s trunk – which appeared to be covered with a thin sheet, witnesses told the Pravda Report.

The box appeared to have torn in several places, causing the erotic objects to spill everywhere.

The driver, dressed in a checked shirt and jeans, can be seen stopping his car a short while and climbing out.

He then crouches down and begins briskly trying to scrape the flesh-coloured toys back into the tattered cardboard box.

Meanwhile pedestrians at the zebra crossing just ahead halt in disbelief as they watch the escapade unfold.

Gathering as many toys as he can, he is forced to head back a second time to get the rest of the objects.

The footage then cuts to a different view, this time seemingly taken from a laughing onlooker’s mobile phone.