Man sneezes out dart after 44 years


London: A man who suffered a blocked nose finally breathe easy after in a sudden jolt he sneezed out the tip of a plastic dart, that had been stuck up in his nostril for more than 40 years.

Steve Easton, 51, often had a case of the sniffles or a headache and put it down to hay fever. But his nasal passages are now clear for the first time since childhood after one big blow cleared the problem.

As he was working on his computer, he sneezed and pat came out the tip of a toy dart about the size of a coin; he was amazed to find that at the age of seven d

His parents took him to hospital as they thought he had inhaled the dart. His mother and father, Quentin, both 77, of Buckinghamshire, had found little Steve playing with his dart gun at their home in Camberley, and noticed one of the rubber tips was missing.