Man Phoned Ex-Girlfriend As He Shot Strangers


Sacramento: A man upset at a break-up opened fire at a pool party and carried on calmly shooting from his seat while phoning his ex-girlfriend, say police.

Peter Selis, 49, carried out the attack on Sunday while a guest at a 50th birthday party in San Diego, suddenly shooting the host when he invited him to join in.

One woman was killed and six others injured before police shot him dead. “He didn’t stand up. He sat the whole time. Even when he reloaded his magazine, he sat in his chair,” said Demetrius Griffin.

“It was very eerie, to say the least. He didn’t stand up. He didn’t say anything. He just opened fire.” After shooting two people, Selis called his ex-girlfriend and told her what he was doing, before carrying on shooting.

“It is apparent that Selis wanted his ex-girlfriend to listen in as he carried out his rampage,” said police chief Shelley Zimmerman.